About CF2SAP Licenses

CF2SAP is free to evaluate on a local server but you will need a license key to run it on a remote server (i.e for typical QA or production use).

One license key is required for each SAP host (application server). This can be installed on multiple ColdFusion servers, with a limit of 2CPUs (8 cores) per license.

A valid licence may be used on any version of CF2SAP, including new versions released within the period of the license. In other words, upgrades and maintenance are covered by the license cost.

There is no limit to the number of users who can connect to a properly licensed installation of the software.

License Fees

Please contact us for pricing.

License keys are usually issued for a 12 month period. (Additional periods can be purchased in advance if required.)

We also offer lifetime licenses for a one-off payment, allowing you perpetual use of the license without renewal hassles. Lifetime licenses are only valid for the version they are issued on. We offer a maintenance plan to allow lifetime license holders access to free upgrades.

How to order

Please contact us, providing details of the SAP Host (server name or ip address) you wish to license.

A license will be issued on receipt of a company purchase order, or receipt of cleared funds into our bank account. Credit card payment is also accepted.