What is CF2SAP?

CF2SAP is a 100% Adobe ColdFusion application which generates ColdFusion components (CFCs) that integrate with SAP via the SAP Java Connector (jCo).

Generate CFCs that Integrate Directly into SAP

Anyone familiar with CFCs (ColdFusion Components) can immediately start working with SAP. CF2SAP builds CFCs which provide set() and get() functions for the Imports, Exports and Tables that can be passed into or returned from any SAP BAPI or RFC. These functions accept and return single fields, structures and queries which mirror the SAP function parameters.

A simple "perform" function is also provided which allows you to execute the SAP function in a single line of code!

Generate ColdFusion CustomTags
to Interface with SAP

If you prefer to work with ColdFusion Customtags, then no problem, just use the generated customtag. The customtag attributes are used to set the imports and tables to pass in to SAP. The results will be returned as local variables, structures or cfqueries which you can output to the page or manipulate in ColdFusion as you see fit.

Simple Process – all browser-based

With CF2SAP you can do everything you need to build test and deploy ColdFusion SAP functions without ever needing to log on to SAP GUI.

It’s a really simple process to: ENTER your SAP logon details; BROWSE the SAP repository and select the BAPI or remote-enabled function module (RFM or RFC) you want to use; GENERATE the ColdFusion Component (CFC) for the BAPI and the ColdFusion markup code (CFML) for a test page; TEST the CFC and inspect the results; INTEGRATE the CFC into your own ColdFusion-based web pages, web services and Flex, Flash or AJAX applications

Interactive Test Environment

CF2SAP generates an interactive test environment for you to experiment with SAP functions before building your application. You can set up test cases using a variety of parameters and save each test case for reuse later.

Small Footprint

No need to install any new software on your SAP server. All that is required is the SAP Java Connector (available free to SAP customers from the SAP Service Portal), a TCP/IP connection from the web application server to the SAP Application Server and a valid SAP user id and password, with authority to run RFCs. Just install the SAP jCo (Version 3.0) and CF2SAP on your ColdFusion server and you are away.


Merge the Speed and Simplicity of Adobe ColdFusion with the Power of SAP

With CF2SAP any Adobe ColdFusion web developer can now integrate SAP information into a web page in a few simple lines of code. CF2SAP lets you take any SAP RFC and generate a ColdFusion web component that is immediately ready to interact with it. This saves hours and hours of development work.

ColdFusion “the technology that defined Rapid Web Application Development and pioneered Rich Internet Application development” front-ending the power of SAP, the undisputed leader in Enterprise Resource Planning applications: now that is a powerful combination.

No SAP Netweaver or Dynpro Knowledge Required

ColdFusion programmers don’t have to become SAP Programmers to be able to build web sites which integrate with SAP! Subject to there being a SAP BAPI or RFC available that meets your requirements on the SAP side of the equation, you can create any user experience or business application you can conceive of with CF2SAP. ColdFusion is such an easy web development language to learn, anyone with web development skills could start building SAP-integrated web sites in no time at all.

No Java Knowledge Required

No knowledge of Java is required. CF2SAP works with the SAP Java Connector (jCo), but it takes care of the Java calls for you. Just build your application in ColdFusion in the way you are familiar with. It’s like extending your ColdFusion server with native ColdFusion components (or tags) for every single BAPI or Remote Enabled Function available in SAP.

Tutorials and Worked Examples

To help you get up and running CF2SAP provides tutorials and worked examples which show how it’s done. These will help you avoid many of the traps for the unwary, such as handling SAP “field exits”, in your first SAP-web application.

Lower SAP Training and Support Costs

CF2SAP lets you build user-friendly applications which present SAP information in easily understood web pages, using terminology that makes sense in the user’s world. This is one way for your organisation to make a massive saving in SAP training costs and lowered support costs while vastly improving the quality and timeliness of data entering the SAP system!

Minimal System Requirements

The only system requirements are:

  • ColdFusion 9, 10, 11 or 2016 (windows platform only)
  • Any SAP version from 3.11.H upwards
  • SAP Java Connector (jCo) version 3.0