What our customers say

"My enthusiasm for the SAP world has jumped considerably with the thought of developing ColdFusion applications around it."
"Just wanted to let you know I had success finally with my CF install and have connected through CF2SAP to SAP !!! I was able immediately to pull back cost centre details and customer details."
"Having a team with both ColdFusion and SAP knowledge and experience behind the product is a dream match for us."
"This is an excellent product! I was about to call you. We need to proceed with purchasing a license."
"We have multiple (10s of applications) that we have deployed and we are planning to deploy more like web based B2B, HR Leave etc.."
"We use CF2SAP to integrate with SAP Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Cost Center Planning, Profit Center Planning and Project System."
"As the link between the user accounting environment and the main accounting application (SAP), CF2SAP is extremely critical to our business."
"CF2SAP is very reliable and to my knowledge has not failed since we have been using it."